If all goes according to plan one year from now the kids will have had a few days in their new school and our apartment will finally be filled with groceries! While our plans always seemed so far away in some distant dream, I’m suddenly feeling burdened with all the things I need to accomplish this year, new passports, Visa applications, apartment hunting and preparing the kids. We all need to be working on our French, and me especially. I passed by a lady just yesterday who was speaking on her phone in French, I slowed down and tried to eavesdrop a bit, trying to see how much I could really understand from a native speaker in a normally paced conversation. It did not go well. Something about eating? Something soon, or until, or again? We? They? Hmm…. I will be signing up again for the next session of Alliance Francaise and am keeping my fingers crossed that they will be offering my level during the day over the lunch hour this time. It’s a really convenient time with my kids being at school and I seem to make huge strides while taking their classes.  If not it will like be Saturday mornings for a couple of months, which is slightly less convenient, but doable. Since the kids are in French Immersion already it takes a lot of the burden off of me, but we need to be working on reinforcing it at home. Kaylee is always bringing lower level French books home from school to read with me which is great because it took a LONG time before she was patient enough to put up with 20 minutes of mistakes from me.  I have noticed that Kaleb has started to ask for things around the house in French, to play the XBox, help with chores etc. It’s really great to see him using French without being asked.

The kids will continue to be working on cursive writing at home (something their principal has strongly recommended they learn ASAP to be successful with reading and writing on their trip). We will need to supplement math and social studies parallel to their Alberta curriculum on our trip, since math is so reliant on previous skills learned and Canadian social studies wouldn’t be touched over there.  It makes me really grateful that information is shared so easily through CBE with parents, and the really great communication between parents and teachers at their current school. It should be fairly simple to always know what’s going on back in their Canadian classroom, so we can supplement their learning while abroad.

One year to go, a millions tasks to complete!