Today we received our passports back from the Consulate of France in Vancouver, they came back to us with lovely little visas inside of them, what a relief! For an idea of what we had to put together times six (two copies of everything for three of us) check out the requirements here. Kyla and I had to fly to Vancouver and submit our applications in person, thankfully the kids didn’t need to make a personal appearance so Kyla and I ended up having a lovely day in rainy Vancouver. We flew in in the morning, found our way to the consulate on transit, went for coffee and did some last minute re-checking of our applications (ok, I did last minute checking, Kyla sat there and watched me very Zen-like while she drank a hot cup of what I can only assume was valium considering how calm she was). The application and interview only took about 10 minutes for each of us, a few questions and submitting fingerprints. I think it’s a good thing we were obsessing and organizing these applications so hard for so long, because by the time we submitted them, every i was dotted and every t was crossed. I still was a little nervous about the processing of my application, but it went through just fine, hooray!


Kaylee was as thrilled and excited as me, but Kaleb admitted he was kind of hoping we’d be rejected, the boy has some worries and hesitations still, but I know when everything is over and we are back home, he’ll be thankful for the experience. He is nervous about needing to speak french a lot, which is understandable, his school day is almost entirely in french, but he speaks only english on the playground, and is afraid he’ll never meet another kid he can speak english with. He may, he may not, it’s all a part of the package. His french is taking leaps and bounds this year thanks to an awesome teacher, and he is even engaging in more french at home. Kaylee, my little bundle of anxiety doesn’t seem to have an ounce of worry about the trip yet, she’s super positive about it, loves to ask questions and plan things and is generally very excited. I suspect the day will come when she decides this big change is something to freak out about, and I’m feeling good and prepared to deal with that day when it comes.

I feel like everything big is out of the way, we have our visas, we have our apartments, we have our plane tickets. Now it’s just a matter of making sure we have everything we need to bring, and going! Of course, I’m putting everything on the back burner until Christmas is over with, I can only deal with so many major things to focus on at once.