My god, where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday that I said to Jason “What do you think about me and the kids going to France for a few months?” A few days ago Kyla asked me what I’m bringing for groceries, at the time I thought it was such a silly question, I’ll buy my groceries there, obviously. But she made a good point, when we get to our apartment it will be around 4:30pm local time, we will be cranky and tired from our travels and I will be far too overwhelmed to venture out and try to find something to eat in a place where I have far from mastered the local language. What are we going to eat for dinner? What will we have for breakfast the next day? I kind of shrugged it off and didn’t think much of it, food was not something I was worried about, in fact, I was worried about very little, (besides leaving my husband, which I can’t yet bring myself to write about, because I’m not done being teary eyed about yet) I was very calm, knowing everything would magically find it’s way to my suitcase, all rolled up and neatly packed away.

Then it happened.

I woke up the next day to an email from Air France. “Votre Voyage a Marseille” yay! I quickly scanned the email and realized it was all in french, despite getting previous emails in english. Hmm, where’s the button to translate this into english? Oh my god, there is no button, oh my god, there will be no button for SIX MONTHS. I felt a weight on my chest. I’m not going to have more than one bathroom, I’m not going to have a yard, Oh, I still have a suitcase to buy! I still have to figure out what clothes I’m bringing, I still have to decide between saving money and bringing x,y and z or saving space and buying it there… and what the hell am I going to bring for GROCERIES?!?

I’ve been taking many moments to have a good cup of tea and some meditative breathing, but somehow that doesn’t seem to be helping these suitcases become packed and organized, has disney lied to me all these years? Do I just need to come up with a catchy song? Whats the deal?

Two weeks to go … 100 things to get done.