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A quick update.

Yesterday, my kids had their first full day of school. I spent most of the day being nervous for them, new school, no friends is hard enough in your own city, never mind a brand new country with a different culture, I couldn’t help but wonder many times what I was putting my poor family through, why and would it all be ok in the end? When I dropped them off in the morning, they were scared, nervous, and physically stiff. One of the new teachers asked me if I would like to come inside for a moment, I knew this would be my only opportunity to be inside the school at the same time as the kids (Yeah, parents are NOT allowed inside), but I declined. My kids do not do well with long, drawn out goodbyes. I waved good bye and walked away. I hadn’t felt this feeling since the day I left my first born in preschool for the first time. I suddenly remembered how well that ended (Read: it did not, we left half way through the year and found another school the next year). Luckily, I had enough to do to keep busy and not focus on my anxious feelings.

The kids are in school from 8:30 – 3:45 (More if you want the continuing education hours that I’ve come to learn is just a homework hour and some playtime that costs a bit extra). This is about an hour longer than their days in Canada, and they are still suffering (though barely now) from jet lag. When I went to pick them up, they looked completely defeated. I thought for sure it was a rough day. I kneeled down and asked how it went, both of them suddenly lit up and and talked about how awesome this school was. Oh, thank god. They were VERY tired, Kaleb said he fell asleep at one point during recess, but not at all upset or sad.

A recess in the morning, and hour long hot lunch, an hour to play, another recess in the afternoon. Rabbits that live onsite that you can hold and cuddle during recess. They actually ate their lunches (something I thought would be a battle), yesterday they had Ham, mashed peas (Ew?) carrots, bread, cheese and crepes. The menus are available in advance, you can check them out here.  Each of them have another english speaking child in their class and there are a couple more throughout the school. A few of the teachers speak a bit of english, but never during school hours. Kyla got a supplies list from her super helpful english speaking principal (Yeah, I’m jealous of that one) so I went and got the same supplies, the kids were thrilled, they were going to tell me everything they needed for school and I had it waiting for them at home, score one for mom.

Kaleb spotted the Subway close to his school during an outing with his class, I was hoping to hold onto that one for when we maybe felt homesick, but instead it was our first day of school treat, they even had bacon to put on the subs!

All in all, they were happy to return today, and I feel so much better about dragging them to France. Wednesdays are half days here, so We’re going to do some exploring this afternoon. Everything seems good and peaceful today.

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