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My little Shvitzkas – Mom to mom

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, just like my kids.


At home I have a wonderful network of amazing moms, I maybe didn’t realize how good I had it until I left it all behind. I LOVE hearing and sharing stories about how our kids are driving us bonkers or how our kids have done something so cool we were left feeling bad for having underestimated them. It makes a chaotic life seem a little more normal. I love knowing other people have the same problems, or completely different ones and I love seeing pride in a mom’s face when she shares a story that only she really cares about, but cares enough to share it. I love talking about a stupid parenting problem over wine or beer and hearing eight different opinions on it.

Since I don’t have that here, here it is:

I am so SICK of sharing a single bathroom with my stinky kids. And the toilet here SUCKS and constantly needs to be scrubbed, and for god’s sake, does the toothpaste issue EVER go away? How does it get EVERYWHERE?!? ugh.

The washing machine here SUCKS and because we have a super limited wardrobe, the shitty machine combined with a higher rate of use means my kids are blowing through clothes like nobody’s business, but the clothes here are so expensive! I just want one trip to gapkids and old navy (my god, I almost forgot Costco!!), I’d even take Walmart clothes right now, ugh.

How the hell do people in this country raise children?!? They are up until 10-11pm, there is almost nowhere for them to run and play (did I mention the idea of kids playing in pools is outrageous to the french?) and people constantly treat them like little inconveniences, ugh.

I thought a smaller space would be easier to keep clean, why do I find myself spending hours a day cleaning this tiny little space? ugh.

That being said, I thought by now I’d be a lot more sick of my kids, I thought by now I would feel like I need a massive break, but I’m not there at all. I have a husband who doesn’t travel for work, who helps with chores and parenting, and I thought by now I’d be totally insane without him, but I’m not (Ok, I’m insane from missing him, but not needing him to help me). My kids and I have actually grown closer through this trip. I feel like I have never understood my kids so much and they have never been so accommodating to me. Even on days where we are up until 11pm and then up at 4:30am to catch a flight, or when they tell me they are “really hungry” but I have to fumble through a different culture for 3 hours before I can feed them. I can’t believe how much they’ve held it together, how considerate they’ve been to me and to each other, and how much we’re absolutely loving being together. I can’t believe I am so lucky to be on this trip with such amazing little human beings.




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