Dear Class,

Thanks for all those comments!!! I will answer the most frequently asked questions;

  1. Have you ben to the Eiffel Tower yet? No,but I am going in two weeks.
  2. Have/How manny snails have you eaten? I will eat some, but not yet. My mom also says I should try frog legs!! (Even though I kind of don’t want to)
  3. Do you have any friends (post cards)? I do, his name is Tommy. He is very nice, you guys would love to meet him.

School is very different here. People are always bullying each other, including the teachers, they yell a lot and say some not encouraging stuff. Subjects here are very hard for me, in math for instance, we are working on problems like 558 % 3 I can barely do it. We don’t have social studies, we have grammar, it’s weird to learn french when you have to conjugate everything including the tenses, and it feels like there is one million different tenses. We have to sit in our desks for the ENTIRE day besides recess and lunch, we don’t even have gym, and we never play any sort of games in class. I think that if you ever get the choice between French and Canadian school, you should pick Canadian for sure.

I miss all of you very much. Even though we have bunnies, I miss the frogs, I miss playing games with you guys and most of all I miss having kind and caring teachers. Canada rocks, and I cant wait to come home!

They make Ice cream differently out here, I don’t know whats different but it is very yummy and they make a lot of great sorbets too. Croissants, Pain au chocolate, baguettes and pastries are AMAZING, I’ve never had ANYTHING like that in Canada.

Want to know something weird? We haven’t seen any door knobs since we left Canada! A lot of doors open with keys and a push handle, or a handle, but never door knobs :)

I was so happy when I saw all those comments, my mom got an email for every one and it kept ringing, so fun :) Thank you guys.